In Glare Of Roads (Cosmic Mix by dB)




Lyrics by Andrey Nigrovskiy and May.

Anew– sunrise
In glare of roads - response
Can I forget you now?
How can I change my fortune? How?

If I leave my way
I will be like a stray
I will not find my dream
I will not hear your silent scream this early spring

In light of rays – response
I want to run away
Throw the keys from yesterday

But arctic ice will melt
As if the tears of eld
Who turned on the lights?
And the pain woke up in our hotly loving hearts

Look at the way the snow melts
It’s all about us
And our love raises the welts
But please, don't lose your pass

So it never happens that
Pain or burning love
And tears wake up in my heart
Where the world of timeless youth

Time goes on and our ice melts
In the darkness of my soul
It will free me from the belts
And you will hear my growl

I want to find my own world
Hide my secrets in the cloud
Coz I don’t need you to hold
And I can scream it loud


from In Glare Of Roads, track released March 31, 2014
Written by A. Nigrovskiy (music), M. “Raspatory” Suchkov (music and arrangement).

Produced by ELECTRO PLANET and Brissenden.
Remixed by dB.



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